Organized Chaos!
Started: May 7, 1999 and FUNZIES ever since.
Our Motto: "Organized Chaos is chaos tat is organized."

Only-looks-like-a-Teen Titan!
Rudy: Hello, welcome to "Organized Chaos!", the pinkest RPG and anime humor site you'll ever find (Thank the Guardians...). *turns to Chibi* So, still haven't updated?
Chibi: Hey, I just moved three flipping sites because Fuitadnet started irredeemably sucking. Give me a break. I did get the MSTings all back up again!
Rudy: Which you forgot to back up in the initial move.
Chibi: I still had the originals! I just had to search for them a little. >.>
Rudy: Uh-huh. So, update the gallery next? And change from that Starfire cosplay thing finally?
Chibi: ... we'll see.
Rini: Eheh... I'm Rini, your tour guide. So, where do you wanna go today? (Please don't say gifts; they're STILL not up.)