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History of the sites

Chapapanga dot org is itself shiny new, but the two primary sites, "Organized Chaos!" and Swearing to the sky, have been around quite a while.

"Organized Chaos!" was born on Geocities on May 7, 1999. It quickly moved when there was a lot of controversy about the revised Geocities TOS. Its first permanent home was on Crosswinds. Unlimited space, no banners, it seemed perfect... Until a long time later, Crosswinds accidentally deleted the whole site. Irritated to no end, the site was put back up, I believe on Angelfire. The Angelfire stint was short-lived, for took up hosting the site. This was its second permantent home... until suddenly died without warning. Then it went back to Angelfire. Again, it was short-lived. took the site in. This was the third permanent home. This time, we left not because of sudden site death, but because of an urge to have a place where both sites could have a banner-free home. was born and the site was moved here. I thank those that gave "OC"! a home over the years.

Swearing to the Sky (born June 4, 2000), however, lived most of its life on Angelfire. It was fine until they started giving pop-ups despite choosing the "banner on top" option. After the afore-mentioned death of and the rebirth of "OC!" on,, the owner's new site, took the site in. Things were fine until the host stopped hosting. Annoyingly enough, I was switching from AOL to DSL at that time, so I didn't get the e-mail saying the host stopped hosting until late. In any event, that was when the site was put back up on the unfortunately pop-up ridden Angelfire. When the pop-ups started triggering people's anti-virus software, I decided something had to be done. Hence, chapapanga dot org was born! Since it'd be silly to host just one tiny site on such a big place, "OC!" was moved too.

And we come to lies Chapapanga dot org. Its history has yet to begin...