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Here, we cheerfully poke fun at screenshots with stupid sex jokes bad pop culture refs inane in-jokes razor wit! Enjoy!

Sonic captions...

On the WHAT now?
Erm, yeah.
Yes, this is a running gag.
This, however, is a completely different running gag.
Don't tell me you never wanted to do that.
Continue ph34ring.
Continue with a new reason to ph34r.
Dude, no one can make that cool.
Their tears will be like waterfalls.
I felt her pain.
So will Manic in a short while.
You knew he had to be thinking it.
Shadow is a dirty old man.
Furhter proof of that, and that Sonic's a dirty /young/ man.
A valid question.
Run, Sonic, RUN!
Yes, that's a real ability name.
*NEW!!* They think of you... naked.
*NEW!!* All aboard the obvious train!
*NEW!!* You know, that doesn't sound too bad. XD
*NEW!!* Moving along...
*NEW!!* The face clinches it.
*NEW!!* *As Shadow* I was just waiting for you to come along, sweetness. >)
*NEW!!* Because top!Amy can never be anything but awesome.

C'mon, it's a series with magic instuments; how could I NOT do this?
Well, it looks like it.
Manic's a tinhat?
Sonic may be a sweet transvestite...
... but Manic makes it look good.
Very, very blind...
It's a very good question!
I know what it is, but...
What I want to know is who had the camera.
And where Sonic got that.

I <3 Sonic Advance 3 for that picture and the yaoi-tastic glide alone.
Insert wiseass comment here.

Teen Titans captions...

Chaos Emerald wai.
Obligatory Animaniacs ref.
And she might have done that before...
If you get the reference, you are cool and I <3 you.
... I'm not asking.
And it's absolutely true.
Raven fangirls in her own special way.
There's plenty to share...
... but not THAT much.
Part one of two.
Part two of two.
And it's better than yours.

Saiyuki captions...

Yay, fanservice!
The sad part is, he probably doesn't.

Yu-Gi-Oh! captions...

I couldn't resist.
Why Yugi doesn't complain much about his height.

Miscellaneous captions...

I would be too.
Naruto likes to watch too.